Kolben Games was founded in October 2012 and we have now 9 great people making awesome things. Kolben Games is a group of indie developers who decided to join together to make amazing games, we crafted games like Pokémon 3D and Dimensia. With the resources we have, we are trying to bring you the best indie games we can make to you, the community. Built with determination and heart, we are focussing on every detail and are trying to polish the games to look and play as amazing as possible.


These are the people that make these games happen.

Daniel 'RTRD' Billing
CEO / CFO / Webmaster
Nils 'Nilllzz' Drescher
COO / Co-Founder / Game Developer
Andrew 'L337hy' Leach
Co-Founder / Game Developer
Jason 'Draco' Houston
Game Developer
Ben 'Darkfire' Smith
Game Design
Hunter 'Prince Vade' Graves
Game Design
Diego 'Daziman' López
Community Support Manager
Grant 'CNIAngel' Garrett
Game Developer

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You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kolbengames