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About the Game

  • Info

    Release Date: 14. Oct 2013


  • About

    Dimensia is a 2D platformer game with is focused around the adventure on a single individual and his companion henry. The game explores an individual and his robotic suit, testing his ability through multiple dimensions in a select environment. As you progress through the challenges, you will be presented in new environments which will further test you and your suits abilities, allowing for more complex obstacles and more advanced gameplay.

    The storyline follows the individual , facing challenges presented by an unknown source in order to 'test' the suits abilities. As you progress through the game, you find out more about who you are, and where you are in the face of reality.

  • FAQ

    Q: What operating system is Dimensia made for?
    A: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    Q: What is the genre of the game?
    A: Dimensia is a 2D puzzle/platformer.

    Q: How long is the gameplay?
    A: Currently the main story gameplay takes ~2 hours, although has many other things to do

    Q: Are there multiplayer features?
    A: Yes, you are able to play co-op with another user online on custom levels.